Melbourne’s Best Paint Protection Film Wrap (PPF) To Keep Your Car Paint Safe

A car is a reflection of its driver. So, naturally, you should want to give your vehicle the attention it deserves. 

Paint protection film can protect your vehicle from the wear and tear of daily commutes, the environment, and unforeseen circumstances should they occur. Now it is easier than ever to have a protected film wrapped around your vehicle to preserve the original paint. 

Benefits of Paint Protection Film (PPF Wrap)

Unlike vinyl wrapping, which is usually done purely for aesthetic purposes, PPF wrapping is made solely to protect your vehicle’s original paint job. Some of the benefits of PPF wrapping include:

– Vehicle looking brand new longer
– Chances of cosmetic damage on a vehicle’s paint reducing
– Cost-effectiveness
– The need for polishing reducing
– Complete transparency (with tinted options available)
– Your car’s resale value increasing

Increases Your Car’s Resale Value

When selling your vehicle, the first thing a potential buyer will see is the exterior. This means that before the hood is popped and the engine is running, an interested buyer has already had a first impression of your car, which has influenced whether they want to buy it and how much they are willing to pay. A peeling clear coat, faded paint, and scratches or dents can significantly drive down the value of your vehicle, even if it runs perfectly fine.

If your car has had PPF wrapping for most of its life, you will not encounter this problem. The exterior will be in excellent condition, and this will signal to a buyer that the owner has taken a great deal of care with their vehicle. With a PPF wrap, all you will need is a detail and your car will be good to go.

Paint Protection Film Properties

PPF wraps are made of ultra-thin polyurethane that forms a transparent protective layer over your vehicle. This layer protects the clear coat, which is applied over every vehicle and the paint beneath the clear coat. This wrap will protect your vehicle from scratches, the sun’s harmful UV rays, oxidation, and more. PPF wrap will not crack, peel, yellow, or blister. It also features self-healing technology that allows it to repair itself from things like scratches, heat, and light swirls. Most of the self-healing can be done by simply leaving your vehicle out in the sun or washing it with warm water. Some of the properties of paint protection film are:




Scratch Resistance


UV Protection



Paint Protection Film Cost and Pricing

Car Paint Protection Film FAQs

Paint protection film coating is a clear, ultra-thin thermoplastic polyurethane, or polymer, film that is wrapped around the original paint of a vehicle to protect it from minor abrasions and the wearing effects of the environment. Apart from cars, PPF coating is used on motorcycles, aeroplanes, helicopters, RVs, cell phones, and other electronics.

A vehicle with PPF can be waxed. However, be sure to avoid waxes with over 5% concentration of either naphtha or kerosene as this could damage the film. Also, avoid waxes that come with dyes.

While ceramic coating is more of a permanent solution, a PPF coating will offer more protection. Perhaps the only drawback to PPF coating is that eventually, the film will need to be replaced. PPF has a lifespan of about 5 to 10 years, depending on driving conditions and the general upkeep of your vehicle. PPF is also better for those wanting a matte or chrome finish on their car, as ceramic coating gives off a glossier look and is very difficult to customise.
If you are wondering if paint protection film is worth it, consider our blog detailing the benefits of PPF wrapping and if it is right for you.

Ceramic coating is a liquid coating made of a silica base that is applied over the original paint. It is very effective against liquids, gives your car a glossy look, and makes it easier to clean due to its hydrophobic makeup.

Applying a ceramic coating on top of your PPF wrap can absolutely be worth it for the ultimate protection and preservation of your car’s exterior. As your PPF protects your car’s original paint, a ceramic coating can protect the PPF and make it last longer. It will also add the gloss that we mentioned earlier, and its hydrophobia will make water slide right off and your car will stay clean longer after a wash.

PPF and ceramic coating are two different types of protection that each present unique benefits and disadvantages. Ceramic coating is more of a permanent solution but is mainly used for protection against liquids and some minor scratches. PPF is tougher and more of an all-purpose protector of your vehicle’s paint.

Prices can range from A$1500 to A$5500 depending on your vehicle type and what areas you would like wrapped. It is always best to contact us and get a quote so you know what you are expected to pay upfront. You should bear in mind that PPF wrapping is a long-term investment, and the price you pay now will save you money in the future and help you resell your vehicle for much more than if you didn’t wrap it with protective film.