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    Is Paint Protection Worth It?

    February 2, 2022

    Car paint protection prevents damage to paint that is commonplace in the busy city of Melbourne. Abrasion, rough weather, foreign objects like pebbles and grit, and scratches from parking lot drivers who never learned how to reverse park properly are all factors that can contribute to damage.
    So how can you protect your ride from these things? Read on to find out the two ways to do it and which one is the best for car paint protection.

    How to Protect Paint From Scratches?
    There are two methods of car paint protection, ceramic coating and paint protection film, with the latter also being known as a ‘clear bra’, but we’ll just call it PPF.

    While both methods are used by professional Vehicle Wrapping Businesses to protect a car’s paint, the key difference is that PPF protects the paint better than a ceramic coating, which is why we use it.

    If you’re still unsure which one is right for you, we’ll explain how each can work on your new car below.

    Ceramic Coating
    Ceramic coating is a silica-based liquid coating applied to the car over the paint. Unlike wax, it acts as a sealant that doesn’t wash off and can last for several years, giving your ride a quality ‘glossy’ look.

    The advantage of it being a liquid is that it strengthens glass, so when it is used on car windows it can help protect them from small cracks. It also makes the car more hydrophobic, meaning it becomes much better at repelling rain that would normally harm your car’s paint.

    The disadvantage of it being a liquid is that while it is very good at protecting the car from liquids, such as rain ahd chemicals, it does not provide as strong of protection as PPF, which is simply a tougher material that can actually self heal.

    Ceramic coating is also see-through and very difficult to customise. Your ride will look glossy with ceramic coating, so if you want a matte or chrome effect, go with PPF or Vinyl Wrap Your Car.

    Paint Protection Film
    PPF is an extremely thin, self-healing film. It is made from urethane materials that are highly resilient against foreign debris and accidents that would usually leave small scratches. The advantages are in its DNA, as the top layers of the film are made up of elastomeric polymers, which can bend and change shape. They can actually repair themselves if torn, giving PPF its self-healing properties. PPF is also a very strong material, which allows it to provide greater car paint protection against things like pebbles, grit, scratches and harmful chemicals such as acid rain. It also does not oxidise in sunlight, meaning that your car paint will not fade in the sun, so you can leave your new car out in the driveway over summer as much as you want.

    The disadvantages of PPF include that it is not indestructible, cannot stop large objects like stones from damaging your paint, and is more designed to protect against daily wear and tear. It also means that you can’t skimp out on washing your car, as failing to upkeep the cleanliness on the film can lead to peeling or yellowing over time.

    Is It Worth Getting Paint Protection On a New Car?

    Getting paint protection for your new ride or commercial vehicle might seem overly cautious, but it can save you thousands of dollars down the road. If damage is done to the paint, the cost of getting it resprayed or fixing minor imperfections can be thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars depending on the vehicle and sprayer.

    Getting car paint protection acts as insurance against these costly damages. The price of car paint protection depends on the applier, but professional garages are your best bet. The cost of applying car paint protection can also be reduced by applying it to smaller, more vulnerable areas of the car rather than the whole body.  We offer Three Different Areas of PPF to help you work within a budget.

    The investment of car paint protection on a new vehicle can also pay dividends. If you’re looking to sell it afterwards, the paint’s condition is a large factor in the car’s perceived value, which means you can sell it for more and cash in on that paint protection investment.

    Is Ceramic Coating Worth It?

    Whilst ceramic coating doesn’t offer the same level of protection as PPF, it does give the car a glossy look while being very effective protection against liquids. A bonus from its hydrophobic nature is that the car will become easier to clean.

    If you want your car to look as premium as possible and don’t want to keep waxing it every month, spending some savings on ceramic coating is a worthwhile move. Most places will cost about $2000 – $4000 depending on the applier and your type of vehicle, so make sure to compare some quotes before you buy.

    Does Ceramic Paint Protection Work?
    While ceramic paint protection is good against liquids and very shallow scratches, the material isn’t tough enough to deal with objects as big as pebbles or parking lot scratches, which are the main offenders of city car paint damage. Many people who want proper protection use PPF or a mix of ceramic on the paint they want to look glossy and PPF on vulnerable areas that need the most protection.

    Is Aftermarket Paint Protection Worth It?
    While some drivers might use handheld paint protection supplies that cost below $100 to save a buck, this offers little protection on the paint and doesn’t last very long compared to the real thing.

    Getting your car paint protection done by professionals, who have the right tools and materials, serves as insurance that your car will look its best for years to come. That’s also roughly $2000 of prep work to protect your paint instead of a potential $10,000 to repair and respray it. If you love your ride, then it’s worth it.

    Best Car Paint Protection

    Broadly speaking, ceramic coating is great for that glossy look, but if you want to protect your car paint, then PPF is the best choice.

    Both options are similar in price, but you can be smart about it. PPF can be planned to a budget by only applying it to the most needed areas, and you could even have a mix of PPF and ceramic coating.

    PPF can save you lots of money in the long run end even earn you some back if you are planning to sell. Thanks to its self-healing properties, it also lasts a long time, usually around ten years or even more, if you look after it. If you’re in Melbourne and looking for the best car paint protection, Contact Us.


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    j jacob
    j jacob
    Mr Tarek and Team, They did fantastic job on my Tesla. Tinting the Tail lights and Logo.(Black out)Very professional and detail in their work.Highly recommended!!
    Sandwich King Cafe
    Sandwich King Cafe
    I had my car wrapped , Tarek and his team did an amazing job, very happy with the Colour that tarek chose, my car looks brand new. Very professional highly recommended, worth checking most wanted Garages Tarek Rachid thank you.
    Tejveer Shishodia
    Tejveer Shishodia
    Got a Full Wrap done on my BMW. Very nicely executed. Happy with the outcome. Terek provides great service....
    Amazing work from MWG. They booked me in a only took a few hours to wrap my BMW’s roof. It looks amazing and it is at a fair price. Absolute professionals and knows exactly what you want them to do. I high recommend car enthusiast to come wrap their car here.
    Messi Gill
    Messi Gill
    Excellent work
    Armil Mohamed
    Armil Mohamed
    Came in to get my guards rolled. Great and friendly service by Tarek. Got the job done in an hour as promised for a fair price. Would highly recommend this place.
    Luxury Wheels
    Luxury Wheels
    Great guys to work with 👍
    Aidan Lay
    Aidan Lay
    Great work from Tarek! Couldn't have asked for more when it came to making my Audi look great. Have recommended his services to all my family and friends! I highly recommend anyone who’s after friendly and honest services.
    Reshad M
    Reshad M
    Booked in for guard rolling, arrived earlier than booked time and was still helped out and final product came out great. Waiting room available and super accommodating guys.

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