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Customising your vehicle can be a personal passion or a professional necessity, but it can also be an expensive undertaking. Car vinyl wraps can not only offer a more affordable option than a custom paint job – they also add more value to your vehicle than just aesthetics. A quality car wrap will cover and protect underlying paint from our harsh Melbourne weather, scrapes and scratches, debris and contaminants, and of course, normal wear-and-tear over time.


But that’s the real question, isn’t it? If you’re investing in the visual impact and surface protection of a vinyl car wrap, you want to know exactly how long the product will last.

Factors Contributing to Vinyl Wrap Longevity


What affects how long a car wrap will last? Factors influencing the longevity of your vinyl wrap include climate, sun exposure, vehicle care, and quality of product and service – let’s consider more closely how these are contributing.


Harsh Australian conditions can wreak havoc on our vehicles, with extreme temperature and weather changes and the issues of driving in both demanding urban and rural landscapes. It’s a great reason to get your car vinyl-wrapped for surface protection in the first place, but it does affect how long the wrap will last. We can’t avoid it, but limiting exposure to excessive heat or cold that will loosen or crack your wrap, and avoiding rough terrain or extreme weather where possible, will definitely extend the lifetime of your vinyl wrap.

Sun Exposure


The damaging UV radiation of sun exposure is as bad for your car’s exterior as it is for our skin – another good reason for car-wrapping, but likewise, an important factor to consider in how long the wrap lasts. So when you’re not on the road, storing and parking your vehicle where it is sun and weather-protected will also increase the longevity of your car wrap – a shady tree for short-term isn’t bad, a carport-style parking venue is better, and the safety and security of your own garage is best of all.

Car Care


Frequent washing not only keeps your vinyl wrap looking pristine and professional but also extends its lifetime. However, abrasive, pressurised or chemical-based car washing can actually damage wrapped vehicles, so regular hand-washing your car with soft sponges and gentle pre-tested cleaners, rinsing afterwards, and avoiding wax or polish will help ensure your vinyl wrap’s durability.

Quality Product and Installation


The quality of vinyl wrap and the expertise and skill of the service you use to apply it are profound factors influencing how long your car wrap will last. Poor-quality film will crack, fade, and peel faster, so choosing a recommended and reputable brand of vehicle vinyl is important. On top of that, entrusting your car-wrapping to a professional, experienced, high-quality company that will prime your vehicle thoroughly, apply the wrap expertly, and give you all the necessary answers and advice about their product and service is vital. If you’re investing in a car vinyl wrap, you want it properly and professionally installed to guarantee it will both look amazing and have a strong and long lifespan.

How Long Does a Car Vinyl Wrap Last?


So, how long can you expect your vinyl wrap to endure? Best estimates suggest five to seven years, but exposing your vehicle unnecessarily to harsh weather or sun, not washing or rough-washing your exterior, and going for poor-quality materials or with a shoddy installer will severely affect this. However, considering and responding to the key factors we’ve just discussed will see you getting the greatest longevity from your car wrap. 

How Long Does a Roof Wrap Last?


Some people prefer roof wrapping for their vehicle, rather than protecting the entire car. The roof of your vehicle does endure the bulk of weather conditions and sun exposure, which affects longevity. However,  taking proper care and precautions will still see your roof wrap last those five to seven years if you’ve chosen a high-quality vinyl and installation service.

Vehicle Vinyl Brands We Trust and Use



As car-wrap vinyl specialists at Most Wanted Garage, we’re only interested in using the most reputable and durable vinyl on the market. Here are our top brands for quality vinyl film when it comes to wrapping your vehicle.

3M Vinyl Wrap




3M pride themselves on innovating and improving products for industries world-wide, and their distinctive, reliable and enduring wrap film is a prime example of that. Their 1080 series uses two colour layers for increased durability and comes in an enormous and creative range of colours and finishes to ensure you get just the unique look you want for your vehicle.

Avery Dennison Vinyl Wrap

Avery Dennison boasts an impressive selection of grades and colours, but for speed of application, Avery Dennison’s easy-to-apply adhesion and convenient one-piece design makes their wrap film a firm favourite for saving time on installation or lamination.

Hexis Graphics Vinyl Wrap



Also high-performance and high-quality, Hexis Graphics manufactures self-adhesive films for a remarkable selection of objects and surfaces, and their sturdy car-wrap vinyl is thick and easy to stretch with a specialisation in customisation and industrial design.



How Long Does 3M 1080 Last?




Five to seven years is 3M’s maximum durability promise for their 1080 vinyl wrap, but as a dual cast film and with a 60 inch width, their product can wrap almost any part of your vehicle without using vulnerable seams where peeling or cracking could more likely occur.

How Long Does Avery Dennison Wrap Last?




Longevity is also a point of pride for Avery Dennison premium vinyl, which also has an estimated five to seven-year lifetime, but their Supreme Wrapping SW900 film includes an impressive durability of up to 12 years.

Increasing the Longevity of a Car Wrap



Vinyl wrap offers significant protection for your car, but if you want it to last, that care needs to go both ways. Avoiding extreme weather, sheltering from prolonged sun exposure, proper care and maintenance, and choosing a high-quality product are decisions that will all extend the lifetime of your car vinyl wrap.


However, to maintain the quality and integrity of your car wrap, the key factor is to have it professionally installed by trained and qualified specialists. Most Wanted Garage are the Melbourne specialists in high-quality and affordable car-wrapping for your commercial advertising or personal aesthetic need. To discuss further options for your vehicle vinyl wrap and more tips for increasing its longevity, shoot us a message, drop us a line or call us today.

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