Blackout or Chrome Delete Your Car With Most Wanted Garage

The majority of cars manufactured have a metal or chrome finish around the car. Wrapping these items is known as a black out, de-chrome, or chrome delete. This can be achieved in a super gloss, satin, or matte finish in black. This has been a very popular trend and awesome look. Parts on cars that we most often chrome delete include:
    • Window trims
    • Mirror caps
    • Front grills
    • Chrome bars
    • Door handles
    • Wheels
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Our De-chroming Process


Approved Suppliers

We only work with suppliers who ensure quality service and material for the car wrapping and de-chroming. Our customers are highly valuable to us, so we want to provide the best for them to have maximum customer satisfaction. We only deal with the industry leaders and manufacturers who promises the same quality we deliver.


Highly Skilled Installers

Our team includes highly trained professionals who undertake the task of de-chroming. Our de-chromers go through rigorous third-party training as well as in house training and tests. Our dedicated installers ensure that the de-chrome wrap stays for a greater period without causing any issue for the car owner.


Premium Quality Wraps

Our de-chroming vinyl comes from the leading manufacturers as we do not compromise on the quality. The options we offer for de-chroming are 3M, Oracle, and Avery Supreme, depending on the customer demand. These are the best options available in the market that ensures the longevity of the wrap, they don’t crack or shrink over time.


Quality Repairs

We don’t just offer a de-chroming service, we also repair to the original chrome. Sometimes the original chrome gets discoloured or damaged over time, this is why we install the de-chrome wrap onto the car to prevent further damages. In the case of flaky chrome, we sand it down, so the wrap stays strongly on the surface. It’s a straightforward and convenient process that can be done to protect the car.

What are the Benefits of De-chroming Your Car?​


With our de-chroming service, you can change the look of the car as per your preference. The wrapping will give the car uniqueness and individuality, which is owned by you only. We help you select the colour and style from our wide range of samples that you can choose for de-chroming or cover any damage. The styles ranging from satin, matte, or carbon fibre can be used to make the car personal to you or your business.


It’s a cost-effective and money-saving option; instead of changing the car, you can change the outlook of the car with a new colour or style. This way, you can save thousands of dollars and make the car new. The de-chroming will also save the cost of professional re-spray by just changing the colour of the vehicle with a high-quality vinyl wrap.


De-chroming also gives protection to the vehicle as it covers the original chrome with a wrap. It also protects discolouration and damage of any kind that can be covered with a vinyl wrap for further protection.


We use high quality wraps obtained from the leading manufacturers and industry leaders that ensures product longevity. De-chroming offers lasting coverage to the vehicle, which stays intact for the greater period. You do not have to go through the car wrapping procedure again and again if you opt for de-chroming.

Black OUt/ Dechroming Pricing

Our Satisfied Customers

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Our De-Chrome FAQ

If applied properly, with the right materials, a chrome delete will last between 5 to 7 years. Once applied, they require little maintenance. High-quality trim chrome delete manufactures such as 3M and Avery Dennison when removed correctly, leave behind no damage or residue.