Branded Car Wraps, Graphics, And Signages For Your Business Cars and Fleet To Showcase Your Brand

Business vehicles offer so much more value to a brand than simple transport. With great skill and careful design, vinyl wraps and graphics can transform commercial vehicles into effective advertising. Rather than spending huge sums on static and temporary messaging like billboards, branded car wraps offer a mobile and long term way to spread the word about your brand. 

We Can Wrap And Add Signages To All Kinds of Commercial Vehicles



SUVs are a great choice for commercial vehicles, and their size and prominence on the road works perfectly for vehicle graphics and wraps. SUVs are often used as commercial vehicles for sales representatives, brand ambassadors and company transport. Generally, SUV wrap designs are striking and colourful, but matte textures, colour gradients and simple logo designs are common too.



With plenty of blank space, vans are the ideal canvas for vehicle graphics. Bold brand colours let clients know you’re coming, which is ideal for couriers and delivery drivers. With just a simple but prominent advertisement, food and coffee vans are easily visible from a distance, making van wraps ideal for roadside and festival service.



Traditionally the vehicle of choice in more rugged industries like construction and building, ute wraps and designs are perfect for advertising to prospective clients. Cab, tray and full wraps are possible, while industry-specific designs like photorealistic grass and soil instantly tell the public what you do. Beyond the utility of advertising your business, wraps provide great protection to a ute’s original paint, which is particularly important in tough industries.



Trucks of all sizes have extra space for commercial wrap designs and signage. Trucks are basically moving billboards, and the blank area on a trailer can host large-format imagery, calls to action and new product information. Classic logistics truck designs are often simple and understated – a basic logo, for example – but trucks offering services like food can benefit from product-related imagery and bolder designs to draw a crowd.

Why Wrap Your Commercial Car With Your Business Branding and Graphics ?

Cost-effective Advertising

The greatest commercial advantage of vehicle wraps is that you own the advertisement forever. If you advertise online or buy a 15 second TV ad, you’re buying a finite block of advertising – maybe a few weeks or months. Commercial vehicle wraps have no end date and their continued use is entirely your decision. You pay only once and end up with a perpetual advertisement.


Out-of-home advertising is highly effective. Billboards, bus shelters and street signage are unobtrusive (particularly compared to other types of advertising) and easily spotted while driving. Commercial car wraps work on the same principle, but they are free to roam instead of being planted in one spot.

Protects the Vehicle's Paint

Commercial vehicles are often leased, so extra protection is a good idea if you don’t want to end up paying extra when the lease is up. Vehicle wraps absorb those unavoidable nicks and dings, and while the wrap itself can be damaged, it is much easier and cost-effective to repair than a car’s paint job. Plus, when it comes time to return the vehicle, the wrap is easily removed, and the original paint is clean and clear.

Mobile Business Card

Everywhere you go, your business is visible – that’s the beauty of a vehicle wrap with effective information such as a description, social media links and contact information. Being stuck in traffic or driving from one job to another can even net new business, just by using the increased visibility of a commercial vehicle wrap.

The Different Wraps We Can Provide Your Business

Branded Car Wrap

Branding is an incredibly important tool in ensuring that people recognise and remember your business. Colour is an easy way of conveying a brand to people within a short time window, so a brand-coloured car wrap can make you instantly identifiable. We understand that sometimes the simplest solution can be the most effective, and branded car wraps are a great option to get your business recognised.

Vehicle Graphics and Design

Many businesses have a trademark style of graphic design or particular images which are associated with the brand. We can integrate these into wrap designs of any size or style, turning your commercial vehicle into a cohesive, on-brand advertisement.

Vehicle Branding

The placement of logos, slogans and brand messaging can be just as important as the messaging itself. We can work with you to find the ideal location for your business’s branding, considering elements like the contours of particular vehicles.

Fleet Car Wraps

Nothing looks more professional and cohesive than a uniform commercial fleet. From simple brand colours to more complex graphics and slogans, we can work with you on implementing a business-wide vehicle wrap design. Whether it’s a handful of sedans or a dozen vans and trucks of different sizes, commercial wraps help create an identifiable brand.

Commercial Car and Business Fleet Car Wrap, Signage, and Graphics FAQs

Our experienced team will always work closely with you to achieve your ideal vehicle wrap. When considering the cost of graphics, we’ll factor in the size of your vehicle, design ideas, colour scheme and materials. To get a personal quote, contact our friendly team at Most Wanted Garage.

As with all vehicles, the final cost to wrap an SUV will depend on factors like size and the scope of design. We offer a huge range of standard and speciality colours, while we can also assist in custom designs and commercial signage. Contact our team to find out more.

Custom designs are the perfect way to promote your business, particularly with the size and visibility of a van. We can assist in the design process, and we will require a consultation to get the ball rolling, which will generally add a small charge above the standard wrap or graphics fee.

Utes aren’t just versatile vehicles, they offer plenty of scope for commercial wraps, too. Full vehicle wraps are common, but there’s also the option to wrap only the cab or tray. The final cost will depend on the size and location of the wrap, as well as any custom design elements to be included. Get in touch to learn more.