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What is a Vinyl Car Wrap?

Otherwise known as a vinyl wrap or vehicle wrap, a car wrap is essentially a large sticker that is applied on a car that lasts for years. A Vinyl wrap is created using thin sheets of vinyl that have a sensitive adhesive backing. This is not permanent and can be removed at any time, keeping your car paint protected. Many advantages to a car wrap is the broad range of colours that can be chosen to wrap your car. From gloss finishes, matte, satin and even chrome, be sure that we would have a colour to suit your style or need.

Why Would I Wrap My Car?

If you have a favourite color that isn’t offered as an option from the factory, a car wrap can be a solution. Maybe you’ve grown tired of the color on your current leased vehicle and want a change of pace. You can throw a wrap on it, drive it for a while with the new color, then remove it before the lease is up. Finally, many businesses wrap company cars to serve as mobile advertisements.

Our Car Wrap Process


Step 1:

Car is thoroughly washed, and decontaminated of any waxes and dirt from the paint. There is a 3 step washing process that occurs. This involves, rinsing the car down with water, followed by a foamed thorough wash. This removes any dirt and grim from the paint and panels. Finally car is clay bard to remove any stuck residue in the paint, followed by a final deep clean.

Car is then assessed for any dents or marks can be repaired or removed prior to wrap.


Step 2:

Once the car is dried any necessary components are removed prior to wrap, by our specialised prestige technicians. This is so all edges are cleaned with uttermost care and vinyl to be neatly tucked and trimmed to precision giving each panel a factory seamless finish.


Step 3:

Each body panel are wiped down and tapped according to which panel is being wrapped. All trims and accessories are taped up for protection as well as easier installation (allowing the vinyl not to stick to panels that may cause stretch in areas not needed.)


Step 4:

After body panels are wrapped, we give a complete inspection of the film, working panel by panel. After inspection car is detailed, and ready for collection.

Why Wrap Your Car With Us?

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We Only Use Top Vinyl Film Brands

Established in 2016, Most Wanted Garage has been built around its automotive cultured branding that differentiates it from the rest. With over 5 years in the trade, we purely focus on providing the best quality and treatment to our customers pride and joy. We have built this brand for the community to have a workshop that they know and trust and be a part of the automotive customisation culture that we are honoured to have here in Melbourne.

Our specialty is of course automotive car vinyl wrapping. Our installers have over 5 years in experience installing some of the best quality films on the market today. These includes top brands such as 3M Australia, Avery Dennison and Inozetek. We strive to achieve the best results and visually appealing designs for our customers. We treat the cars just like our own and give the best advice we can to fulfill our customers’ needs and go beyond their expectations.

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What Are The Benefits Of Getting Your Car Vinyl Wrapped?

There are many benefits to having vinyl graphics or wrap applied to your vehicle, whether it’s for business and advertising purposes, personal use or maybe just paint protection.

The process of changing the look of your personal car, business van, or vehicle fleet with a vinyl wrap has never been easier. An attractive investment that can raise your business profile or protect your pride and joy.

Vehicle wrapping materials are now even better quality than in the past with technical advancements in the science behind them improving all the time.
Luxury car collectors and enthusiasts, top brands and smaller business owners now have a top quality and choice available to them. Not to mention a selection of worldwide brands and manufacturer plus a spectrum of colours that grows as fast as the expanding universe.